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Aquamarine Progress, Main Engine Overhauling


The project involved comprehensive maintenance and overhaul of the ship's engine system, ensuring its optimal performance and reliability. Initially, we executed the removal, overhaul, and refitting of critical components like the Cylinder Cover Unit, Piston Unit, and Fuel Pump. Special attention was given to the overhauling of the Stuffing Box and the thorough inspection and replacement works for Liners, Cross Head Bearings, Crank Pin Bearings, and Crank Journal Bearings, which are vital for the engine's smooth operation.

In addition, we conducted meticulous inspection and tightening works on the M.E Tie/Stay Bolts and performed Crank Shaft Deflection works, which are crucial for maintaining the engine's structural integrity. The Fuel Injection Pump Driving Gears were also inspected to ensure efficient fuel delivery. Following these tasks, the main focus shifted to the removal and lifting of the existing Engine block and crankshaft along with its accessories, which were replaced with new units. This major step was complemented by extensive piping and steel work, ensuring all new installations were perfectly integrated into the ship's system. Finally, the alternator service was carried out, which is essential for the electrical system's reliability. This comprehensive approach not only refurbished key components but also enhanced the overall efficiency and safety of the ship's engine system.



Completion Year



Aquamarine Progress

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