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KOS, Mechanical


The process of maintaining the ship's anchor system involved a comprehensive series of steps to ensure its reliability and functionality. Initially, the anchor and chain were inspected for any signs of wear, damage, or corrosion. Specialized tools were then employed to safely detach the anchor from its chain, clearing the area to avoid hazards. Subsequently, the anchor was hoisted onto the deck using cranes or other hoisting equipment, allowing for a thorough cleaning to remove rust and marine build-up.

Following the cleaning, any identified damage to the anchor was meticulously repaired through welding or metalwork techniques. To prevent future corrosion, a corrosion-resistant coating was applied. To ascertain the anchor's integrity and strength, non-destructive testing methods were utilised, along with load testing to simulate operational conditions.

Once these steps were satisfactorily completed, the anchor was reattached to the chain, ensuring that all connections were secure and reliable. The final step involved lowering the anchor back into the water, where its deployment and functionality were confirmed, guaranteeing that the anchor system was ready for safe and effective use.



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